Dragon fruit leads Vietnamese exports
Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports reached US$629m in the first five months of 2015
Vietnam, Japan to promote agricultural trade
Viet Nam and Japan would promote trade activities for farming, forestry and fisheries products between the two countries in the near future.
Vietnam Dragon Fruit
Dragon was brought and grown in Viet Nam by French over 100 years, however they were taken into production since 1980. Vietnam is the largest country in Southeast Asia producing Dragon convergently with commercial scale, with more than 35,000 ha area
2015 is a good year for Vietnamese exports
2015 is a good year for Vietnamese fruit exports- notably lychees, star apple, dragon fruit and longan to the USA, Australia, the Republic of Korea and New Zealand. Over this first trimester fruit and vegetable exports reached $370 million, increasing by 33% in a year.
Vietnam to export dragon fruit to New Zealand
Vietnam became the first country to export dragon fruits to New Zealand after the two countries signed a program on May 28 2014 to set out procedures to ensure biosecurity and health requirements of the fruit.
India: dragon fruit fever, imports increased by 20 times
Dragon fruit has become a phenomenon that causes fever in India, with the volume of imports increased by nearly 20 times in the past two months has reduced the wholesale price of 350 rupees / kg to 100 rupees / kg. Most dragon - also known as Pitaya - imported into India from Vietnam, while domestic manufacturers also began to rise.
About the origins of dragon tree
Dragon fruit (Pitahaya English name, also known as Dragon fruit, belongs to cactus, originated in the deserts of Mexico and Colombia.