Taiwan reopens to Vietnamese dragonfruit
Import programmes set to resume after seven-year blockade, presenting another encouraging market access development
Chinese on tourist visas suspected of manipulating dragon fruit market in Vietnamese province
The dragon fruit market in a district in the southern Vietnamese province of Long An is being manipulated by a group of Chinese traders, who have entered the country on tourist visas, local authorities said.
Door to Japan opens wider for Vietnamese goods after TPP: envoy
With Vietnam already enjoying a trade surplus with Japan, the elimination of tariffs after the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord takes effect will only open the door wider, a Vietnamese envoy in Tokyo has said.
How to grow dragon fruit
Clip by Viet dragon fruit team show how to grow dragon fruit.
Steep airfreight costs cut fruit exports
Steep airfreight costs – up to 50 per cent of sales price – are restricting Vietnam's fruit exports
Dragon fruits grown in Bangladesh for the first time
Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, is being cultivated for the first time in the northern part of Bangladesh thanks to favourable growing conditions.
Dragon fruit flowers
Its a shame the Dragon Fruit Flowers only bloom at night and only last for one day. They are really large and beautiful.
Story of Vietnam Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit which is also called Pitahaya is of the cactus group and originates in the deserts of Mexico and Colombia. Dragon Fruit was planted in Vietnam over 100 years ago by a Frenchman.
Visit Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit farm
Lets have a look how beautiful Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Farm.
Binh Thuan dragon fruit
Binh Thuan dragon fruit very popular now. Going across the country, ubiquitous presence Binh Thuan dragon fruit. Step out world, dragon fruit look is popular right fruits originating from Vietnam.
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