176 Quang Khuong, Quon Long, Cho Gao, Tien Giang, Vietnam
Website: locsonfruit.com
Email: locsonfruit@gmail.com ; John@locsonfruit.com
Phone: +84 982 079 622
Fax: +84 733 991 114 
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The history of Loc Son Co.,ltd (Registered Tax ID: 1201357562) dates back to 2002 when a group of enthusiastic and experienced farmers forming Cho Gao Dragon Fruit Co-operative. Cho Gao Co-operative soon later responded to the steady growth in red dragon fruit by further investing towards specialisation, the co-operative was merged into the newly created Loc Son Co.,ltd to expand our market to overseas. They were the pioneer and the first to experiment Red Dragon fruit in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in the early 2000s and considered as  a major red dragon fruit seedlings distributor in the South West area. For over a decade Loc Son Co.,ltd has been established as a reputable supplier of dragon fruits in Vietnam. Their customers come from different parts of the world including EU, South East Asia, Australia and mainland China. They got VietGAP Certification and strictly comply with the regulations by VietGAP to ensure the highest quality possible for customer satisfaction.

Some of their growing and export products:
- White dragon fruit
- Red dragon fruit
- Rambutan
- Grapefruit
- Hot Chilli

Loc Son farm based in Cho Gao, Tien Giang, Vietnam
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