Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Farm Co., Ltd
Address: Km 1712-500m, 1A National Road, Phu Sum Hamlet, Ham My Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province
Phone:  +84 62 3898616 +84 62 3898888
Fax:  +84 62 3898558
Hotline:  +84 938303151
Email:  hoanghau@hoanghau.com.vn
Website: hoanghau.com.vn
Established in 1988 by farm model, Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Farm Co., Ltd has been the leading business in producing and trading Dragon Fruit for export in Vietnam. Beginning the career with 3 ha of wild land only used to plant Dragon Fruit and some short-term vegetables, Hoang Hau has owned 100 ha of land by 2003 in which 70 ha are used to plant Dragon Fruit. Hoang Hau which is the first farm producing Dragon Fruit on trading scale is also one of the biggest exporters Dragon Fruit in Vietnam. Dragon Fruits with Hoang Hau trademark has a big market share in many countries of Asia and Europe.

In 2005, the company has grown more 300 ha of Dragon Fruit according to the process of agriculture producing with Global standard “GLOBALG.A.P.” in order to serve the high-class domestic market and prissy oversea markets. As a biggest grower and exporter of dragon fruit in Vietnam, Hoang Hau always provides a good service to its customers by supplying only the safest and the highest quality product all year round.

The dragon fruits after harvest with nice color and optimal value of biological norms are cleaned by pure water to reject the dust and micro organic on the surface of fruit’s skin. Next, the fruits are dried naturally or we can also use an electric fan to dry faster. After that, dragon fruits are packed in the nylon bags and then put in the carton boxes. Finally, the products are stored for preservation at the temperature of 6OC-7OC and humidity of 95%-100%. This process has been done at the same day to guarantee for safety product and not influence on the quality of fruit. Applying the above process, it takes a long time for Hoang Hau dragon fruit to preserve well (from 30 to 35 days). It’s safe for quality and time of transportation to remote markets. Dragon Fruit with Hoang Hau trademark has been packaged in the cartons with many different kinds of size such as: 41cm x 31cm x 12cm, 41cm x 31cm x 22.5cm. The carton boxes are printed with nice clear color, high quality.

Hoang Hau has been exporting dragon fruit to many countries in the world such as: Asia (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India…), Europe (Netherlands, UK, Germany…) and USA. The high quality dragon fruits are exported mainly to EU, gaining about 80% of Binh Thuan’s export value for this product to EU. 

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