It is always good to have ice cream in this scorching hot day to chill out. If having an ice cream with your favorite flavors of fruits or other things (you name it) would be great. 
Dragon Fruit Ice Cream
makes 2 liters
1 c. sugar
1 c. milk
1.5 c. cream
2 c. dragon fruit, mashed (about four dragon fruits)
First, make sure that your dragon fruit is very well mashed. You could even blend it, but I just used a fork.

Dragon fruit ice cream - 1

Mix all ingredients in the freezing canister of the ice cream maker until the sugar is dissolved. Then follow your machine’s instructions for freezing. The ice cream will be fairly soft when it comes out, so you can just pop it in the freezer overnight to firm it up.
Enjoy! Next up, I’ll be trying Choco-Banana Ice Cream, so stay tuned. Better yet, click on that orange button up in the right hand corner and subscribe to receive all the recipes to your feed reader.

Dragon fruit ice cream - 2