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Vietnam set to export dragon fruit to Australia soon
The country, already a major coffee and rice exporter, is now turning fruit and vegetables into a key source of revenue.
Japanese PM agrees to import Vietnamese dragon fruit
During their talks following the welcome ceremony in Hanoi on January 16, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc hailed his guest as the first foreign high-ranking leader to visit Vietnam this year and reiterated Vietnam’s commitment to the partnership between the two countries.
Phan Long Co-operative launched new dried dragon-fruit product
With the advantages of abundant raw materials, especially in season of dragon fruit, Phan Long co-operative is on track to increase dried dragon fruit production. It retains original nutrients, color, aroma and specific natural flavor of Binh Thuan dragon fruit. Especially, consumers can trust in food safety of this product because no additives were added.
Main exporters of dragon fruit from Binh Thuan - Vietnam
List of main exporters from Binh Thuan
Loc Son Co., Ltd
Leading in red dragon fruit company, growing and exporting
Song Nam dragon fruit exported into USA
Song Nam dragon fruit is a premium brand of Vietnam dragon fruit, the most quality and popular in the world. We have exported our white flesh dragon fruits into United State of America, the most difficult market.
Song Nam Dragon fruit
Song Nam is a dragon fruit grower, packer and exporter. They get dragon fruits directly from their farms and other farmers, then sort the quality fruits to comply with each costumer’s requirements and standard of the market for exporting.
Hoang Hau Dragon Fruit Farm Co., Ltd
Hoang Hau has been exporting dragon fruit to many countries in the world such as: Asia (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India…), Europe (Netherlands, UK, Germany…) and USA
Fruits and Greens Co.,
Established in 2000 to operate in field of export - import of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, FRUITS & GREENS Co. has been developing to become a leading exporter – importer
Research on tropical fruit in Vietnam
This paper discusses the production, demand trend, export and market access of four selected major tropical fruit namely dragon fruit, mango, rambutan and pomelo through value chain improvements in Vietnam. The results showed that tropical fruit in Vietnam are normally produced by small-scale farmers
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